<a href="http://www.laurelauctionmarket.com/506-2/">Spring Equipment Auction</a><span><p>Spring Equipment Auction Saturday March 25th at 9am. We have numerous items for auction from automobiles to farm equipment to construction tools. We are pleased to announce that we also have</p>
</span> <a href="http://www.laurelauctionmarket.com/tuesday-thursday-saturday/">Auctions are on Wednesday and Friday until October 14th</a><span><p>   </p>
</span> <a href="http://www.laurelauctionmarket.com/monday-wednesday-friday/">All auctions begin at 9am</a><span><p>   </p>
</span> <a href="http://www.laurelauctionmarket.com/watermelons/">Premier East Coast Watermelons!</a><span><p>Laurel Farmers’ Auction Market sells watermelons of the highest quality. You won’t find better watermelons anywhere on the east coast other than here!</p>
</span> <a href="http://www.laurelauctionmarket.com/vegetables/">High Quality Goods!</a><span><p>All items that come through Laurel Farmers’ Auction Market are of the highest quality! Buy with confidence knowing you’re getting farm-fresh goods from the areas best growers!</p>

Welcome! Why Choose Us?

• Produce is offered in varied quantities - from box lots to tractor trailer loads.

• Freshly-harvested produce is delivered immediately to awaiting trucks.

• No broker is needed - buy your own produce directly.

• There is no fee for buying.

• The Auction is easy to reach - we are located on a major highway and only a short distance from many major markets.

• We are in operation six days a week from July through mid-September.

• Our friendly and courteous office staff is willing to offer any needed assistance.

• Annually inspected truck scales are available on the grounds.

• Payment can be made by cash, approved check, & VISA/MasterCard.